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Fuse definition

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Fuse is the less expensive, effective, simple and high degree of safety device in circuit protection. Not only protect the high value electrical/electronic device and also to protect human being to use this device.


Couple reasons to use fuses.



Overcurrent protective devices that have tripped are often reset without first investigating the cause of the fault. Electromechanical devices such as “Circuit Breaker” may not have the reserve capacity to open safely when a second or third fault occurs. When a fuse opens it is replaced with a new fuse, so the protection level is not degraded by previous faults. Current-limiting fuses meet the UL, VDE, CC, BS1362 and other international safety requirements.



Fuses typically are the most cost-effective means of providing overcurrent protection. This is especially true where high fault currents exist or where small components such as Control Transformers or DC power supplies need protection.



Fuses have no moving parts to wear out or become contaminated by dust or oil.


Long life

As a fuse age, the speed of response will not slow down or change. A fuse’s ability to provide protection will not be adversely affected by the passing of time.


High interrupting rating or Breaking capacity

With most low voltage current-limiting fuses (< 600 volts) having a 200,000 amp interrupting rating, you are not paying a high premium for a high interrupting capacity.


No maintenance needs

Fuses do not require periodic recalibration as do some electromechanical overcurrent protective devices.


Various types to meet all protection needs

From SMD type to cartridges, from small microampere rating to high voltage and high current; from UL approval to VED, IEC, BS and also meet with other countries’ safety requirements. A fuse has a wild range of sizes, mounting types, specifications to meet all Electronic/Electrical applications need.


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