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HV200 Series, EV/HEV 200V DC Fuse, 5A ~ 60A

Ordering P/N Electrical Characteristics
订购料号 Rated Current (Amp) Interrupting rating
HV200-5YY 5 200Vdc/15000A
HV200-6YY 6
HV200-8YY 8
HV200-10YY 10
HV200-15YY 15
HV200-20YY 20
HV200-25YY 25
HV200-30YY 30
HV200-35YY 35
HV200-40YY 40
HV200-50YY 50
HV200-60YY 60




General-purpose fuse for EV/HEV
Stud-mount, optional for other installation
200V DC ideal for EV or HEV application
Excellent DC performance
Design refers to JASO D622:2006


Rated Voltage: 200V DC

Rated Current: 5A ~60A

Breaking Capacity: 15000A/200V DC

Terminal: AP/BP(M5)/CP(TH)

Data Sheet

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