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Resistor Embedded Protector ATF2718xxV05A Series, 2.7*1.8 05A


Description 描述

ATF Series is a surface mountable battery protector designed to protect against both overcurrent and overcharging. Fuse can cut ofthe circuit when overcurrent occurs. Also, combining with IC and FET, the embedded heater can generate heat to blow the fuse element to achieve overvoltage protection.

ASTM ATF 系列熔断器是表面贴装式电池保护器, 可用于过流和过充保护. 内置保险丝能在过流发生时切断电路; 同时,结合 IC 和 FET, 可控制内置加热电阻产生热量熔断保险丝以实现过压保护.


Feature 特点

➢ Protect Li-ion battery from overcurrent and overcharge锂电池过流过充保护

➢ Substrate embedded Resistor 基板嵌入式电阻

➢ Surface mounted fuse 表面贴装熔断

➢ RoHS compliance 符合 RoH

➢ Halogen free / Sb free 无卤/无锑

➢ Fast response time 响应


Application 应用
➢ Moped 助力车
➢ Lawn mower 割草机
➢ Energy storage batteries 储能电池
➢ Vacuum cleaner 吸尘器
➢ Electric scooters 电动滑板车
➢ Electric bicycles 电动自行车
➢ BMS 电池管理系统
➢ Robot 机器人


Rated Voltage: 36V DC

Operating Voltage:2.5V-31.5V

Rated Current: 05A

Breaking Capacity: 50A

Certificate: UL+TUV

Sample RFQ