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ASTM was founded in 2012 in Dongguan, China by a team of experienced technicians.  The team has experience in overcurrent protection products from material selection, development, testing, manufacturing, to marketing.  From the beginning of manufacturing ESD materials, SMT fuse, to the current EV fuse and high voltage fuse, 100A / 1000VDC SMD fuse, ASTM has reached the international first-class level.  

ASTM received ISO9001 certification in 2013, automotive certification TS16949 in 2015, and China High-tech Manufacturing Award in 2016.  ASTM holds a number of patents on material use and manufacturing technologies.  ASTM innovative design incorporates electronic fuse technology into the power fuse.  ASTM spends more than 15% of its annual revenue on r&d, testing and approval.  To provide high safety standards of overcurrent equipment – fuse is our goal.  

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