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Automotive is a big market for circuit protection devices and all Electronic components today. All Cars, buses, trucks and even bicycles are using an electronic circuit to control. From display panels, controls for the door, braking, infotainment, steering, hybrid battery recharger, and pure Electric Vehicles.

EV – Electric Vehicles

ASTM is focusing on this market, especially for EV. Whatever this is an EV Chargers Station, build-in Li-ion-battery protection or battery management system, EV car, bus or tracks; ASTM has the right parts to fit this market needs. ASTM has the first UL248-20 Automotive approvals, Part number is A372101, and it is an 800VDC, 250A – 400A with 800A/20KA or 750A/50KA. For other ratings, please refer to this link – EV fuses

The first UK248 -20 fuses at 800V/400A


ASTM fuses in PDU 1

ASTM fuses in PDU 2

ASTM fuses in PDU 3

BMS – Battery Management system

A battery management system (BMS) is an electronic system that manages a rechargeable battery (especially for Li-ion packs), it is protecting the battery from operating charging from outside or inside distribution with safe operating. It keeps monitoring its state, calculating data, reporting that data, controlling its environment, authenticating it and / or balancing it. ASTM fuses can provide protection for overcharging, short circuits or overloading, in case any defect happens, fuses can help to cut off the power and prevents fire quickly. Most of ASTM EV fuse can meet with this application.


E-Bike is an Electric Bicycle; a type of bicycle with an electric motor of 500 watts or less and functioning pedals that are limited to a top speed of 30 km/h without pedaling.  It needs fuses to protect the DC motor and charging circuit.  Especially, most of the E-Bike is using Li-ion battery today and it needs high-level protections. ASTM has SMD High current Brick fuses and others for this market.

EV fuse is the most efficient protection for Charger Station

eBike Li-iron battery.

Modern eBike.

eBike battery.

Other Applications:

Dashboard, Infotainment, USB charges, LED Lighting and Control devices in today’s Vehicle also need fuse protection. Our SMD fuses can fit most of those circuit requirements.

Panel in the modern car.

LED head lamp

LED head lamp

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