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There are various applications for the Industrial market, from big size plastic inject machine to a screwdriver all belongs to that. Related to use a circuit protection device and ASTM also focus on are listed


Power tools with Li-iron battery.

High voltage and high current power tools have been developed to fit the market needs from the last few years.  One main reason is the Li-iron battery has must high power than before and less expensive too. It needs a good protection for charging and discharging on those batteries. It needs fuses, ASTM SMD HV fuse can help on this market.

Fuse is using for various power tools charging protection


SMD fuse for Power tools

SMD fuse for Power tools

SMD fuse for Power tools


DMMs, Digital Multi Meters

The main purpose to use a fuse in a DMM is to prevent use by mistake. When it uses a current range “A” to measure the voltage “V”, the huge short circuit current not only damage the equipment and also the user.  Use a correct DMMfuse is a must in this application.


ASTM fuse in Multi-meter

Digital Multi – Meter

Electric wheelchair PCB with ASTM


Control PCB for machinery.

Automation machinery, Robots all need control circuit and all need fuses to protect their high- value intelligence components.  ASTM has SMD fuse design for these applications.


2410/30A for sweeper robot


1040/50A for UAV/Drones

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