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ASTM is spending over 15% for yearly profits to develop new products to fulfill the market needs. Over $USD 3M has been used for new material, new technologies, new equipment, testing and Approvals in the last few years.

Making a reliable and advance product is our goal and target. Whenever a critical decision on circuit protection has to be made ASTM™ has the expertise. Our solutions help customers to make the right selection for their challenging environments and applications. To help create reliable circuit protection, our R&D team has the expertise to develop products solutions that serve 5 key focus sectors:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Renewable energies
  • Electric vehicles.
  • Commercial Industrial power supply.
  • Telecoms data centers.

World-class technology, the expertise of more than 100 staff and engineers that are industry veterans with a combined over hundred years of knowledge and experience in the field of circuit protection have made ASTM™ a recognized key player in the protection of people and infrastructures around the world.

ASTM also owns a couple of patents like SMD soldering technologies, a protection device for EV

battery and high-speed fuse’s production and equipment.

Fuse Key Testing Instrument & Capability

Cold Resistance

Current Carrying

Temperature Rise

Voltage Drop



Salt Spray

Board Flex & Terminal Strength

Pull Force

Breaking Capacity AC/DC

Insulation Resistance

Fuse Reliability Testing Instrument & Capability

Thermal Shock

Humidity & Temperature Cycling

High Temperature Life

Vibration Test

R&D and Testing Capability – Strategic Partners

Breaking capacity up to
1000VDC 20KA
1000VAC 120KA

Strategic partnership with CNEC

Strategic partnership with CNEC

UL witness Lab,
Acquire UL & UR approvals

Strategic partnership with UK-ST

Strategic partnership with UK-ST

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