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A060701 Series,6.0*7.7mm Fast-acting SMD Fuses,125A max,63V/72V/80Vdc

Part No. Rated Voltage Rated Current Breaking Capacity
A060701.20 DC80Vdc
20A 1000A
A060701.25 25A
A060701.30 30A
A060701.40 40A
A060701.50 50A
A060701.60 60A
A060701.70 70A
A060701.80 80A
A060701.90 90A
A060701.100 100A
A060701.125 125A


The A060701 high Current Fuse is designed for the purpose of external short circuit protection of the lithium ion battery of medium sizes, such as a power tool and an electric assistant bicycle.Though it was a surface mount type, it was small and realized high current rating, because a fuse element and a terminal adopt the structure of one.

➢ Small size with high current rating for short circuit protection
➢ Ceramic body with Ceramic base filler
➢ Surface mount type and small size of 6.0×7.7
➢ Suitable for automatic mounting
➢ RoHS and Lead Free material


Rated Current:20A ~125A (IR: 80V/72V/63V DC/1000A)

Rated Voltage: 80V DC/72VDC/63VDC


UR/UL Certificate no: E470032 (Link)

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