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A372809 Series 600A 150VDC Electric Vehicle Power Fuses

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Description 描述
 DC fuse for EV/HEV/ESS 用于纯电动汽车,混合动力汽车和储能系统的直流熔断器
 Stud-mount, optional for other installation 螺栓安装,提供其他安装方式选择
 150Vdc ideal for EV/HEV/ESS application 专为纯电动汽车,混合动力汽车和储能系统设计的 150V 直流熔断器
 Excellent DC performance 卓越的直流分断能力
 Design to EV fuse standard UL248-20 参照 EV 熔断器标准 UL248-20 设计
 Reliability performance design refer to ISO8820-8&GB/T31465.6 可靠性性能参考 ISO8820-8&GB/T31465.6
 Comply RoHS directive 符合 RoHS 指令


Rated Current:600A (IR:150V DC/50000A)

Rated Voltage: 150V DC

Sample RFQ