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MV520 Series, 5x20mm Time Delay 300V AC/DC Fuses, 500mA ~ 20A

Part No. Rated
Rated Current
MV520.0.5 300V 300V 500mA
MV520.0.63 630mA
MV520.0.8 800mA
MV520.1 1A
MV520.1.25 1.25A
MV520.1.6 1.6A
MV520.2 2A
MV520.2.5 2.5A
MV520.3.15 3.15A
MV520.4 4A
MV520.5 5A
MV520.6.3 6.3A
MV520.8 8A
MV520.10 10A
MV520.12 12A
MV520.15 15A
MV520.16 16A
MV520.20 20A




Time Delay, High breaking capacity
5x20mm, Ceramic tube, Silver plated copper cap construction
Designed to IEC 60127-2, Standard Sheet 5
Lead-Free and Halogen-free material


Rated Voltage: 300V AC/DC

Rated Current: 500mA ~20A

Breaking Capacity:

3000A/300V AC/DC (500mA ~ 10A)

300A/300V AC/DC (12A ~ 20A)


UR/UL Certificate no: E355868 (Link)


Data Sheet

MV520 Rev 20150410

Sample RFQ